Igor Shmaryan
Producer. Co-Producer, True Face

Igor Shmaryan was Born in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to Australia as a child. Igor always dreamed of a career in the arts and while finishing his degrees in Psychology and International Business at the University of New South Wales, Igor founded CiNEsoc, the first ever film production society at the University, attracting hundreds of members in its first year. It was here that Igor produced his first short film, 22, and in 2006 co-founded Scene One Take Two Pty. Ltd (S1T2), a Film, Television, and Digital Media Production Company.

In 2006, during a pre-production meeting for Jared Beekhuyzen’s first film, Colourblind Goldfish, Igor met the two other people who would prove to be the missing pieces of the JAI films puzzle – Jared Beekhuyzen and Alan Harca. The three immediately felt a connection and shared a unique vision about the motion picture industry and art in general, which inevitably lead to the establishment of JAI Films in 2007. Since then, Igor has produced several short films that have been officially selected by a number of Australian and international film festivals. He has also produced numerous music videos, 2 of which won awards at The Australian Independent Music Video Awards in both 2013 and 2014. In addition, Igor has an impressive and ever-growing portfolio of commercials and corporate advertising work. Igor has also completed two documentary films and a narrative feature length film. Igor’s vision of what a film should be and what a producer must do to get a film to that point are just two of many aspects that set him apart from any other producer currently working in the industry.


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