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Felicity's performance Journey began in 2006 when she began studying drama and music at newtown high school of the performing arts. From 2008 to 2011 felicity continued to study and completed a bachelor of creative arts, major in drama and music at the university of Wollongong. For the past 5 years felicity has Been performing on stage at theaters such as, pact theatre in wounds to the face & soothsayers, performance space in hamletmachine, Medea & fireface and IPAC theatre starring 'As I Lay Dreaming' and 'Pre Paradise Sorry Now' and many more.

In 2011 felicity moved from on stage to screen acting, featuring in Australian films such as 'Careless Love' & 'Sellouts' and appeared on American tv series 'Deadly Women' & 'Behind Mansion Walls'. Felicity also enjoys collaborating with other talented emerging artists and organisations such as Bodysnatchers, Butterfries and Russian Doll Productions.

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