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Lauren is an award winning Writer/Director/Producer and professional burlesque artist. Her debut feature film, TRUE FACE won Best International Feature Film at the Illinois International Film Festival, received 3 nominations including Best Debut Film Maker, Best Debut Feature Film and Best Foreign Film at the 13th Annual Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, Canada and was accepted into the Blackbird Film Festival in the state of New York, USA. Lauren is currently in production of her documentary feature film, STRIPPING FROM THE INSIDE OUT. A front row seat to some of Sydney's sexiest and quirkiest burlesque shows, intwined with candid and intimate discussions with top performers who provide fascinating and debaucherous accounts of the inception of the burlesque art form in Sydney, Australia. Featuring Australia's Queen of Burlesque, Imogen Kelly, Australia's Godmother of Bent Burlesque, Glitta Supernova, Australia's Pocket Rocket, Kelly Ann Doll and many more! Lauren is currently in development of her next narrative feature film, RESPLENDENT FATALES. A film noir, female heavy film which brings the audience into a world where the government has removed art from society. The Femme Fatales are dedicated to bringing art back to the world, and how they do it, will kill you. Some incredible and prominent burlesque performers are attached and yet to be announced.

Image by: Felicity Tchorlian Photography

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