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At Russian Doll Productions we enjoy collaborating with artistic professionals.

Russian Doll Productions was established in 2010 by Lauren Batschowanow (aka Lady DeVine), a filmmaker and performance artist from Sydney, Australia.

Russian Doll Productions aims to entertain audiences on the screen and the stage, through a myriad of weird and wonderful art-forms, including, but not limited to: Drag, Burlesque, Circus and DJing.

In 2010, Lauren experienced a deep depression and found the only way through it was to create something artistic that would envelop her completely, so she made her first film. CLICK YOUR HEELS is a short film about a woman finding her artistic expression. It was entered into the largest short film festival, Tropfest, to no avail.

Regardless of her lack of success with Tropfest, after getting a taste for filmmaking, Lauren was absolutely hooked! She decided to take things to the next level by making a feature length film. Lauren spent one year writing and casting before asking fellow actor/writer/director, Christopher Price, to co-write the feature film project, DANGEROUS DESIRES (formerly known as TRUE FACE). The project was later joined by film producer, Igor Shmaryan.

Lauren and Igor have been inseparable ever since and married in 2016.

The independent feature film, DANGEROUS DESIRES, went on to screen at the Illinois International Film Festival in Westmont, IL, U.S.A., the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, ON, Canada and the Blackbird Film Festival in Cortland, N.Y., U.S.A. It won Best International Feature Film at IIFF and was nominated for three awards at FEFF.

Russian Doll Productions is currently submitting their feature documentary STRIPPING FROM THE INSIDE OUT into international film festivals. We are also in development of the narrative television series, RESPLENDENT FATALES, a theatrical and deadly Neo Noir/Drama. 

Since 2011, Russian Doll Productions began producing live events including TRUE FACE GALA (clowning, hip hop, rap, burlesque and cabaret), V IS FOR VAUDEVILLE! (fire twirlers, cabaret, burlesque and clowning), BURLESQUE IN BED (cabaret and burlesque), CLASSY AS F*CK (dJ's, drag and burlesque), BOUDOIR BURLESQUE BAR (burlesque and cabaret), WE WISH YOU A SLUTTY XMAS (drag, burlesque and cabaret), The Psychedelic Burlesque Hour (burlesque) and Cabaret le Queer (drag, burlesque, cabaret & circus).

Russian Doll Productions is represented by Summer Hill Entertainment, AZ, U.S.A., Circus Road Films, L.A., U.S.A. and Cataliotti Law, N.Y., U.S.A.

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